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I learned how to make the Baldurs Gate 3 easier for Enver Gortash to my party

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I don’t usually speak on my own personal experience in a game. Naturally for reviews, I’ll examine choices where there are numerous other choices that draw my own opinion. A narrative about it was like a battle with such a big challenge, so it struck me with the sense of precision, how it felt like to overcome that difficult challenge. Although obnoxious gates were abandoned, I thought that it would have been long since death. It was an extreme extreme hypnotism about a game that I felt really fine. That’s really good, that I decided to teach myself how to modify Baldurs Gate 3 so I could make Enver Gortash a brother with me at my party.

Note: The spoilers for Baldurs Gate 3 and Enver Gortash will be below.

If you hadn’t yet entered Act II, you wouldn’t know who Enver Gortash is. It’s, if you have watched the promotion or the film The Game Awards, that introduced this character into the larger cast of the game. Enver Gortash is a scheming politician voiced by Jason Isaacs, who has a tendency to speak as diabolical or ineligible devil, usually in video games. He is a man who was sold to the devil by his own parents and clawed his way to become the Chosen of Bane. He’s ardent, clever, and wildly arrogant, but willing to offer a haltable alliance to the player character.

Given the fact that I was a girl, I immediately felt my potential. This would not only make the game more enjoyable for him, but also have the archduke of Baldurs Gate as their ally, so I’ll definitely get him as a party member.


For all his writing about alliances and the importance of your friendship to the enemy (particularly if you pick a Dark Urge, where he reveals you were his closest and dearest companions) he sends you out to do his dirty work. Once all was said, he’s dead slowly through the hands of the real antagonist of Baldurs Gate 3.

I’m evidently very disappointed. I don’t know what I was expecting. Since Baldurs Gate II: Maharaj opened up all the long-lived people who benefited from the Throne of Saratoga, as well as get to the temple of Jasmin to make him a companion, I had assumed that you could have made an at least one of the three Chosen a companion character, which could have long lived. Regardless of whether or not I needed to spit myself on the need to be a partner of Enver Gortash, I went to Twitter and to watch the live-as-life-like world play. Many people really want to wear their clothes, which is fine. My way of giving up is to make a decision. Various mods also made small adjustments to his face, making him a little younger or even outright resculpting it so as to stand in the picture. But none of that was what I was looking for. At least, until I saw someone talk about a charring engine in Cyrillic.

I looked through the Twitter user’s feed to understand how they managed to import Orin as a party member, even if it was a skin for Laezel, the Githyanki warrior, you met in the early hours of the game. But that was enough for me. If I could just get her in my party, then that would satisfy my desire and let me uninstall Baldurs Gate 3.

I’d prefer it to be that simple. I’m so bad for watching modding. I spent at least 30 minutes trying to get the Elden Ring Seamless Co-op mod to run the first time I installed it, but I didn’t want to damage my game and destroy my saves. I’m a dingy streamer of Skyrim on my Twitch channel for a long time. To me, the fact is that Skyrim is like that, so modding that game is a test of loading and unloading mods and reorganizing them to make sure they run rightfully. It was a task, so getting the cheat engine to work on Baldurs Gate 3 was an issue. It took me days to get it to run, so I wonder if we could get rid of having to manually get a Gortashs file and place him in another party. Every day, while I toiled, I checked Nexus Mods thinking that someone could be almost as desperate as me, somebody always more competent and generous than someone with no experience in modding. I don’t want to play tennis.

I finally managed to do that. In the mod, I still feel afraid of messing with everything else. Enver Gortash has finally become a fellow of the Baldurs Gate 3 party, having replaced Gale. But I didn’t stop there. On Bluesky, I thought what class he could be, pondering that I’d never really fought him since I had only ever been his ally. Someone suggested Rogue, but I wasn’t convinced. So I grabbed a kick right before going to the final encounter. Then we hit him with a Magic Missile to bring that encounter back to the end of the encounter. He mostly just shot me with crossbow bolts, which didn’t really tell me what class he was. I kept whittling him down until he finally had enough, channeled the spirit of his God Bane and then beat me to death with his hands. (God of Tyranny aside, there was a letter describing her as being burly, so I guess shes shredded despite a weird tendency towards the mustache, but it has the mustache, no matter how small. I brought what I needed and re-loaded my new fresh save as part of my party.

After having picked up the slack, I changed the class to Monk. Whereas down the line, I thought it would be nice to put him Multiclass into Warlock, but ended up changing it to Wizard. I don’t know anything. I just think he likes to throw spells, even if he was more focused on punching me. But finally I got what I wanted. I had what I knew I had done. Enver Gortash was here, in my Baldurs Gate three party. And, though it wasn’t really Gale with an Enver Gortash skin, I got what I wanted. I ran over the goblin encampment for two hours, slashed several gnolls, and called it a day.

Was it a monumental effort to run around in the Baldurs Gate three for three or four hours? Absolutely. Was it worth it? That was for me. Would I ever do that again? No, yes. But I did some fun trying to do that while I still had a little money to spend in the Gate 3 space. Who knows, maybe Ill boot the game up again in a couple of months, and assuming that the mod still works, I could just finish playing with the companion I wanted the most.

Baldurs Gate 3 is available on the PC and the PlayStation 5.

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