If Nintendo isn’t the next gen console, then it will not be Switch 2?


Christopher Dring participates in the discussion on social media that was fueled by Digital Foundry with the revelations about the discarded Switch Pro. The GamesIdustry boss reflects on the future of Nintendo and explains why the next console from Kyoto isn’t possible Switch 2.

In exchange for enthusiastic dummies in the world by Digital Foundrys claims on the rumored mid-gen version of Nintendo Switch would have been shelved by the Japanese company, the GIbiz manager shared some interesting thoughts on the strategic strategies for a new console, and ensure its lasting success.

For Dring, since the launch of a new console, a lineup that combines the best features in the middle term must be of great importance to Nintendo. I don’t only believe the games are sold when the console debuts, but also those that are sold over here in the second month, in the third, in the fourth and so on, for the first of six months.

However, the developer of GamesIndustry explains that COVID has had significant impact on Nintendo’s production chain, a long time ago, so it all happened to all the other companies and even all the other companies. Besides this reason, as the transition (to the next generation of consoles, ed) becomes difficult for them.

After confirming the hypothesis that a newer version of the Switch would be invented, Dring thinks that although I’ve had a desire for a new-er version, the concept of a midgen version would surprise me. Like Dr. harry, Nintendo won’t ever compete in terms of specifications. It would mean the introduction of a $700 console on the market (adopting a hybrid approach like that of Switch, ed).

When Nintendo rolls out a new console, it is essential that it has a line-up to give that momentum. And not just on the first day of launch, but in six months of month, 2, 3, 4, 12 and 2, of course. Using COVID has affected Nintendos core dev teams, as well as everyone has done. It’s going to be hard to handle the transition.

Christopher Dring (@Chris-Dring) December 29, 2022

I wouldn’t make a more traditional console sequel.

Christopher Dring (@Chris_Dring) December 29, 2022.

Nintendo will never compete with other games on specs. It would take a handwrestling of 700.

Christopher Dring (@Chris_Dring) December 29, 2022


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