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If you’re like my sister, you have to try

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Since the announcement of Vampire Survivors (free) and the recent Nintendo Switch release date, I was able to play the co-op mode on Steam Deck for preview. Next week, poncle will update all versions of the game with four players and two local co-op coming through a free update. This update is only when the Steam version goes through the new engine (like mobile and console) and the new engine will significantly get better. My engine was already built thanks to a beta branch, but everyone will benefit from the improvements next week with the co-op update. While this feature is focusing on the Steam Deck, I’ll also cover the following versions next week.

I’ve taken a break from the Vampire Survivors for a bit because I spent too much time on it across various platforms over the last year and eventually was able to use the mobile version. I’ve been jumping back for the DLC launches, but has since become much more common with the game until the switch port was announced. I was curious to see how the Switch version would look and run, but I was curious to see how the local co-op would feel. Since I spent a few days on Steam Deck, I am very pleased with the implementation, including how level-ups happen, turn for specific things and more chaotic things. I have a few surprises that make Vampire Survivors feel like Overcooked with rage-inducing situations, but it has been a lot of fun.

The downside is that remote play together doesn’t fully fit the preview package. I hope this is fixed for the final release. Because I don’t know how to use alternative games on Steam Deck to invite friends to play with me. Vampire Survivors co-op is only local. We use Steam Remote Play On Steam, so I can play with friends. Thanks to tools like Parsec or Steams Remote Play Together, co-op in Vampire Survivors will shine the most on PC for me. Currently, the update, on the Nintendo Switch, goes live next week.

If you are curious about how co-op works, read our official FAQ here. Next week I have a lot more coverage of Survivors of the Vampires. Now read the review of Victory Survivors, the ‘Assassination’ review here, and the “Remark of the Moonspell” review here, and the report of the ‘The Mobyspell’ review here, and the “Tidos” post here. The game was featured as our favorite game of the week, with that being showcased. This page displays a Vampire Survivors on the App Store and on Google Play on the Android website. Check out our Forum thread here for more discussion and observations about the game. Did you play it recently, and will you try either co-op or the switch port next week?

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