IGN call Resident Evil 2 the best remake I’ve made


In recent years, a large number of remakes of old games have begun to appear, modernizing the old games for the actual audience. A result of this fever, the US portal IGN compiled the list of the best movies that I have ever made.

In third place are Demons Souls, which IGN claims to be 100% satisfied with the original vision of the game, while adding its own touches, making it more modern.

Final Fantasy VII Remake came in second place with an almost dead end, which helped them revive these classic characters with a completely redone combat. Since the remake doesn’t fully cover the original game, it’s able to expand the content presented a lot and give the secondary characters more importance.

Finally, in the first place, there can be no other weapon than “Remake Resident Evil 2”. This created the original by the modern audience with cutting-edge visuals and an expansion in many aspects. According to the portal’s creators, this is a new quality standard for new projects.

Full list:

10 Shadow of the Colossus: No 1! 9 Tony Hawks Pro Skater 1+2 | 2:15 PM 8 Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver & 6 – ox sloove-silver. 7. Live A whole life. 6 Half-Life Black Mesasa. Metroid Zero Mission 5 4 RE1 – Remake a new set. 3 Yeneds the souls. The 2 Final Fantasy seven sequel is all right. Two copies of Evil II, which are remade by the Resident Evil.


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