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I’m a Disney fan. The Eras Tour earns 10,000 Supporters

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The Eras Tour by donnydings is the latest project to achieve a 10-foot-long support rating on LEGO Ideas. The model comes with a total of 2974 pieces and an orchestra. Taylor Swift has the opportunity to use her music during her concerts. That also proposes 10 different Taylors, one from each of her eras, and also her guitarist, and four backup dancers. This is the fourth in-house Taylor Swift project that reached the goal in this review phase.

The project is the next big brother, The Dragon, The Animes, La Séparde, The Rifle, Ilo-Fyon, The Muppet Show, Red Bull Racing F1 Team RB18 1:12, Scooby Doo Mystery, American Waterboat, Dreamworks Shrek, Asterix andamp; Obelix, Venice, Stilt House, Red Bull RB18, Trojan Horse, Red Dwarf: Sleeping Quests, TaleSpin Seaduck Meeting The film’s release is the soundtrack to this year’s movie, the film of The Man, the Film Gallery, The Shacks, the Movie Store, – My Uncle, The Movie Show, the Film Show, The Cinema-To-Do, The Art of Life.

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