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In a good iPhone Game Update, click here

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the week. It is time again to get back to the noteworthy changes of these seven days. And since this year is the first edition, there are a lot of things. How are I able to tell you? Developers also take on holiday. I found enough space for you to chew on an article. This weekly summary is just here to cover all the things you may have missed. Let’s go for it.

Small break: Take action. I find it interesting that at a certain point this game just dropped the Depicable Me portion and instead added the Running Game. Like Minions are clearly bigger than the series they’ve already released. That’s why it’s more crucial for players to inform them this is running game. That new version has two different Special Missions, and two new Costumes to collect. One is a snake suit, the other one is a holiday outfit. Oh, and now you can buy costumes from the Wardrobe using real money. Why have we heard that about options?

Star Traders: Frontiers, 3,99 dollars. It has been a long time since I published the Star Traders: Frontiers on these articles, but do not take that to mean it stopped updating. The Trese Brothers can’t update. The heat of the universe will stop them all. They’re actually updating in the last week. Of all of them, they cover things like balance adjustments, UI changes and bug fixes. The game is still getting some new content regularly here and there. It still is a very exciting game in 2023.

City, Free. There are a lot of puzzle games this week. Really can’t help. This is a usual Playrix update, as we have new story, new characters to play and many more puzzles to solve. There is also Lunar New Year content rolling out with some new skins, and what looks like is some early Valentines Day content about love. Playrix really began working there. This is probably not the worst idea.

Choose between two rooms for free. Well, like I said, there are plenty of puzzle games this week. This is what you can expect from her: a bit too unbelievable, hunch. There’s a new Conservatory area coming soon, the Piggy Bank can be merged to a higher level, and new music tracks and sound effects can already be made available for the season by reading this. Whenever things change, then something happens.

Temple Run 2, free. Look, Ill confess. Today’s updating is coming from early last week. It isn’t hot for this, but it is fresh, out of the oven today. This game celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. I think it’s going to be fun to play this game. Scarlett Fox has a new world, a new world, and some new members that you’ll see this month. There are rewards to earn at Global Challenges.

Gardenscapes, Free! In this update, Fireworks! Until he goes with me! A farmer made old recipes. And that mantries to expand the Animation Studio’s talent. Well, that sounds absolutely fascinating. Hey, I’m a big fan of Austin. You are a butler. You pretty much had this done. Don’t trade those with you to work in the turbulent animation industry.

I had a tint. Apple Arcade has only two upgrades this week, but let’s look at them and see what we have here. Hmm, its looked short and sweet because of the looks of it. You have twenty new levels to play in Book VII, and finishing them will unlock a new achievement. There are many new pages in Zen Books, too. Interestingly, this update was dated from the week before the holidays, but in the end of the week was pretty bad. We’re taking what we can get.

Lunar Silver Star Story Touch, 99. Four and a half years since its last update, and an entire week since its last update involved more than just bug fixes, has been received a major update. Like, in this update, it’s not easy to go into everything in due to the fact that there’s so much. It’s a good idea that I write another news story about this, then. You can check that out, if you want to know the details. To begin, I’ll just give this the coveted UMMSotW award for the week and move in to next game.

Gardening Tails: Is it appropriate to add more to your yard? Here’s an update on the Apple Arcade for this weeks article. This is a big puzzle! I did say that we had a lot of them today and I expect to fulfill that promise. Next, what a news update is: the new Spiny Forest with new animals and a new story to enjoy. A whirlwind new home screen, some new story icons, that kind of thing. There are some general visual tweaks. You know how it goes.

Sonic Dash+, I refuse to keep promises about there being just a couple of Apple Arcade updates. That’s right, there’s another one here. Neither the new Sonic Dash standard nor the Apple Arcade+ version received updates that bring in characters from the new Sonic Prime series.

That about wraps it up for the last weeks significant updates. Normally, major updates can’t reach their own news stories throughout this week. I’ll be back next Monday to get all the news out of the book and fill it in. Have a wonderful week.


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