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In a Kavvo Oyster U review, stainless steel smart watch 20 exercise mode with IP68, Thai menu, supports voice commands

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A luxury watch that can be worn as a gift or as a gift or to buy for yourself at the end of the year by Kavvo Oyster U. It is very resemblable in design. The new model of a classical watches design is Switzerland. Apart from its interesting design, the luminous dial allows you to clearly see the numbers. Look at the moment and remember the timer. Many other options are included, such as Thai menu, 20 exercise modes, voice commands, heart rate sensors, oxygen monitoring and sleep tracking. With the IP68 standards for protection against dust and waterproofing, it’s possible for you to wear it in any situation, with confidence in every lifestyle.

Interesting highlightsSpecial & Features & specialties.

Watch bezels are the world’s first. They can glow and rotate!

Not an ordinary smartwatch There is a unique house in the world, because it is one of the prominent places, such as the expensive watch from Switzerland, the edge of the house will have a clear number. No need to look in the dial, it can be complicated. A minute is also at the same time. The timer can be rotated until fifteen minutes (minutes from 15 to 20).

In addition, the bezel material of the watch is made of stainless steel, polished to add beauty and luxury to the design, and the highlight is the glow that will nigh shine. This means that viewing dates and time will not be a prerequisite, but, more importantly, it’ll certainly benefit your friends. When someone asks for that moment, they can glow and answer the question. It’s not necessary to look at the phone or make a look. It’s so elegant!

Protect, use, and be confident. Strong windshield.

This screen isn’t aMOLED, its just a 2,32-inch TFT, at 360360 pixels, with a dot density of 272ppi. That’s enough depth. Don’t damage the design when using The glass is faulty. The glass is a good measure of 2.5 mm, so it does not cause a bruise.

Healthcare Kavvo Oyster U with care by your side.

It has 20 exercises, such as running, cycling, swimming, walking, walking, cycling, and cycling. As well as an ability to read and measure your health, it can also be found on a treadmill and a machine.

Easy to use, easy to make, and isn’t monotonous.

For watch faces, more than 165 different watch faces are possible. The Thai text is displayed with a Thai menu. Convenient and flexible. the language will not rewrite it.

A strong design can take time.

Kavvo Oyster U The body material is made of stainless steel. This watch strap is made of imitation leather. But this is durable, not cracked and is not damaged by the rain or humidity. Including the tension that may occur during the day with different behaviors. So you are ready to go wherever you want, worry free, and comfortable to wear. In addition, the case comes with a protection of IP68 against dust and water based on the IP68 water level, protecting against clean water and reducing the pressure of 1.5 metres.

Don’t miss any communication, please make sure you can make calls.

Do not turn on your smartphone so you can be busy. Control via smart watch Kavvo Oyster U You can do that in the call menu. You can press the telephone number you want to call. press the call icon or you can also turn off this smart watch, and talk to each other immediately.

Standby up to 15 days can be used long time.

This smartwatch has a battery capacity of 210 mAh and can be charged via a magnetic pin. The service is about two hours.

Easy to use in this application.

for Kavvo Oyster U compatible with Android 7.0 and above and iOS 12.0 and above, can work with the KAVVO CONECT application.

AppearanceLook & Design & Design.

The watch, as mentioned earlier, is made out of stainless steel, but using the material of stainless steel. But its not heavy at all, but also offers high durability. An actual case weighs 54 grams but looks like a normal clock and tastes like a normal clock.

The right side of the case’s case has two buttons.

Click on the right-hand button to access the menu. and rotate to change the menu To change the style of the watch face, please click the right-hand button to zoom as well as the operation menu collection. You’ll also see how the box goes, where it’s shown. If you are pressed and pushed, it turns the clock on and off. If it’s not like to turn the smartphone on and off, then it will start.

Between these two buttons, there’s a speaker-box to listen to the conversation.

The case’s back has been carefully designed, with some models putting on the heart rate or oxygen sensor. There is no glass to cover. The disadvantage of that sensor point is that it quickly breaks. No matter whether it be from humidity, sweat, salt or bumps, but the Kavvo Oyster U is covered with glass but doesn’t affect the various measurements. I do. And despite that, true time accuracy comes.

Using two textures, a watch has been attached. It is made from artificial leather. There are sharp stitches. Inside is good rubber. be strong flexible It can be said that the combination is perfect, comfortable to wear, not uncomfortable, damp.

Prices and distribution channels are available.

Kavvo Oyster U U The world’s first smartwatch is with a glowing bezel. Online, now available. With Titanium Gray and Raw White at 230 o’clock, a price of 62,990 o’clock, in case the Cool Black model has 3 190 o’clock.

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