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In Baldurs Gate 3, the Companions were too accessible due to bugs, and the fixings are slowly on

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Some of the problems have already been solved, but work is still a long way to go.

The developer says a compiler in the Baldurs Gate 3 don’t behave exactly as intended, says Sven Vincke, founder of Larian Studios. Some time ago, satellites were better accessible than planned.

According to Vincke, players may’ve become romantically involved with Baldurs Gate 3 very quickly. Gale the sluts seem particularly approachable at the beginning of the game.

Sven Vinke

the company’s founder, Larian Studios.

That is generally a mistake. At time of release, the threshold was too low, so they were very accessible at the beginning. It should not be the same way, especially with Gale. He shouldn’t be ready for everything from time to time.

Many people liked it, but all happened too quickly. It was the idea to make a real relationship happen.

The designers, as Sven says, change the characters slowly so that they wouldn’t get enough of romantic relationships. Several heroes have already been fixed, and others are still waiting for their edits.

Sven Vinke

That’s the founder of Larian Studios.

Since then we have corrected them at least some of them. We still work on repairs.

Hopefully Vinckes will make it tough to speedwalkers, whose competition is to see who can sleep the fastest with one of the characters in the gates of Baldurs Gate 3. However, instead of Gale, speedrunners usually prefer Githyanki Laezel.

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