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In dark and dark, all classes become free Igromania

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The online action film Dark and Darker, even at the demo level, impressed the players. Despite the release of the game early, a wave of criticisms were at hand for the developers. It was reason enough that players can use the games store to unlock some of the classes.

Since the release today patch Dark and Darker open all classes equally to all players. For those who have already paid for them, the currency will be returned, but it will only happen when the next update arrives. The developers apologize for that delay.

Over the years, the Hotfix fixes many bugs and makes changes in balance. Essentially, he was subjected to them: he received a number of weakenings. Wizards can now be invisible for three or seven seconds.

Dark and Darker is available on the Ironmace website, and at the publishing house there are Games.

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