In every case, the Pokemon Chinese agreement approves new foreign games


Games Valorant, Pokemon China finally approves the publication of new foreign games.

Published on 31/12/2022 at 16:53.

This is very good news for Chinese players. China has just allowed the publication of 45 games in the country. The list includes fPS and snobs from Riot, a free of charge game and a free Pokemon title.

A slew of games for Chinese gamers are offered to Chinese gamers.

As far as we know, the Chinese market is very buoyant, but very difficult to understand from overseas studios. Using censorship and strict standards, developers must comply with several rules, if they want to export to China. These days, Chinese gamers received numerous news, as the national authority approved almost 45 games.

Tencent and NetEase are the mega-groups that receive the most validation. Lastly, the title of Riot Games, of which Tencent voted the majority shareholder, will be able to settle in the Middle Kingdom. We also note that Pokemon Unitea released a multiplayer-only MOBA on Switch, iOS, and Android. Dont StarveThe famous survival game that is almost inherited from Tim Burton, is also affected by this validation.

A tough policy, but progress made.

Although this arrival is less important than the publication of foreign games in 2021, the message still remains of importance, according to Reuters. A huge step forward for China and its people, who have continued to move the right way in recent years. Earlier in 2022, the country allowed gamers to play the games such as Elden Ring on the Chinese platform. If the country continues to keep an strict policy against video games, mores are changing every year and Chinese gamers can enjoy their passion more.


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