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In Fragaria Memories, Hangyon is a Knight of Hangyingodon

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For Fragaria Memories’ newest character is Hangyon, which the knights of Sanrio are mascoted in. Ozaki Domino is a character’s illustrator, and Shohei Matsuokaka is his voice actor. Although he has Korean-like names, it seems that the person is Chinese and does not like Hangyodon. First thing that Hangyon said in his introduction is Ni Hao.

According to Hangyons bio, he is from France. He approached the lonely Hangidon in order for contracting himself and other individuals about his company’d own space-holding business… He sometimes hears and acts suspiciously, but he does not know what she think. He also has an old-fashioned octopus style being on his shoulder, whom in reality looks like Kingyochan’s.

In Fragaria Memories, Hangyon is a member of the Noir Bouquet. Chaco, Arupek and Tuxam are also members. The final member of the group is coming tomorrow. After that, well now know all of the Knights who will come in future Fragaria Memories projects.

Ozaki Domino is an illustrator, character designer and apparel artist. This is the official website which you can find on Twitter or Pixiv. Shohei Matsuoka, mainly in anime and drama discs of him. Sanrio released Hangyondon first in 1985. He is nice and likes to laugh other people, but doesn’t like being alone. Even though he wants to become an icon one day, things never work for him.

More details on what works Sanrio will produce as part of Fragaria Memories are coming out in the future.

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