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In Overwatch 2 mid-season seven patch, the goal is to fix significant issues with support heroes

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It may be a few weeks before overwatch 2s will begin season seven, but the developers already have an idea of what changes they plan to make for some heroes.

If you have spent some time watching the Overwatch players recently posting on social media, then you will be likely to see at least one dozen complaints about support heroes. Although the power became steady over time, many support heroes exhibited utility and survivability that make them frustrating to play against.

Until then all the same, or so on? The next mid-season patch likely in October.

This post was widely translated into English by people of varying nationalities. We are rearranging many of the support heroes for midseason patch with an intention to target their utility and open windows that offer vulnerabilities. We want to get a little worried in order not to face any of the troubles experienced by Supports at launch, but we also want lower some aspects with which there are still remains or remain viable.

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While Blizzard didn’t disclose what heroes will be updated with the coming changes, there seems to have been more and less nerfs of survivability then damage. Fans might think that one of the heroes who are poised for a starry include Ana, Baptiste and Illari. Even if we saw huge people support heroes like Lucio, Zenyatta and Brigitte by themselves they were not sure their current status.

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