In Pokemon Go, a long-waited invisible Pokemon appear on PokeStops


Similarly to the official release, a new Pokemon is going to appear in Pokemon Go. This is only the way it stands for the purpose of showing up in the wild as many Pokemon traditionally do. Even though it’s not visible to some people, that is mostly showing up on PokeStops as an invisible object. The Pokemon, Kecleon, has been datamined several times over the past few months, as we get closer to the official Pokemon Gos Tour: Hoenn, where the Pokemon had the first appearance in the main games. Kecleon has completed the Community Day celebration for Chespin now.

A handful of players reported that Kecleon regularly appears on PokeStops previously controlled by Team Rocket grunts. When players try to spin their second set of items from the PokeStops, an invisible object blocks their attempts to spin it, and only when they tap that hidden object, the result is that they essentially make Kecleon.

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(Yuri Kitayama) (@Yuri_FoL) January 7, 2023

After the community day for Chespin officially ended, the datamining group Pokeminers was regularly sharing updates about the changes in Pokemon Go. It was not the first time the team noticed these updates. These were shared a month ago, when the Pokemon Go Tours was announced in the spring and the ticket went on sale.

And this re-cap of everything we’ve learned about this rocket stop and Kelceon: * New rocket stop for Pokemon encounters special it skips rocket dialogue and the battle, so what you’ll see is spinning the stop and then an encounter will sprang up.

PokeMiners (@pokeminers) January 7, 2023

Kecleon isn’t a massive shock to the game, especially as it comes to the arrival of the Tour: Hoenn, which the group will now be taking on all the Pokemon from that region. For the second time, the surprise came from the follow-up to the Chespin community day. It feels odd to have the pair of the two of Niantics. Besides, something else could add to Kecleons arrival, but we won’t know until Niantic officially announced that the arrival of Kecleons will come.

We don’t know how long Kecleon will continue to spawn in Pokemon Go. And hopefully the players can enjoy the event and catch as many people as they can. A sluggish idea is not to hear news about Kecloen breaking, the same as Zoruas’s announcement that a break from the moon in October 2022.


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