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In Pokemon Go, Niantic caught them from the cartoon cartoon used to roast their character in official promo

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Two years after a Pokemon Go player showed a picture of a spawn of a beach, Niantic used that image at the most for today’s promotion.

The eagle-eyed player recognized his own image, zoomed in congratulatory and couldn’t be more than chuckle. Pokemon Go literally used my screenshot from the subreddit from two years ago and used it in the official social media post, the player mentioned in a new thread sharing a link with their original with that image.

Pretty enough, the promotion had an editorial that read, Does something work well for you? It was for the Adventures About event on Twitter. The promotion shows someone playing Pokemon Go near the cruise ship with their phone.

And strangely, the video of the player on the phone was the photo of the player.

The community recognized the whole situation as hilarious. Many thought that it was super funny Niantic used a screenshot that would mock Pokemon Go in his promotional video. Others laughed at how the player spotted it and even zoomed in to make sure it was theirs.

All the people were left wondering, How did it even happen? Most people guessed that a developer at Niantic searched the Pokemon Go screenshot online and picked one they liked without actually checking its background. Many felt that Niantic would have just taken its own picture of itself.

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That wasn’t the only mistake in the promotion. The image showed a touch indicator on the screen, which only appears when one touches it. The person in the ad wasn’t touching the screen, so that indicator wouldn’t be there.

Players noticed that and quickly mentioned that. Some even said that it was probably the only thing the game lagging was the joke.

This whole thing was well approached. Nothing to eat but something to take for granted. Maybe they’ll be more careful when they make promos in the future.

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