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In the best game-news24 community, 2022 carries the average daily Grind of the world

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I suspect original creators thought it would be a fluffy and easy post that would kill time while the news crew whirl to action every morning, but its become an icebreaker to start the day and get everybody talking. That the people who appear to have heard the word “Murrow” and declare that they exist, are going to be slow news days. That is not necessarily happening, no matter how often we write the word “Murrow Up!”

The first of the daily grind on Massively was written on November 3rd, 2007, confirming that our staff has put together about 5535 daily grinds to date (I don’t think we have missed any, but I can’t bet that it was my life. No matter how small or medium you are, you don’t try to repeat the topic too often. I do know that we have a lot of things to talk about when it comes to MMOs.

Let’s continue with the tradition: I’ve pulled out the biggest, most bizarre or most accurate daily granny of the year, one from the month!

January: What do you think the end of the actual Blizzard story is like?

In January, the Activision-Blizzard debacle was just over a half year old. We didn’t know anything about Dragonflight. We don’t know how Overwatch 2 and Diablo Immortal would land. We didn’t know that the company would pull half the unionbusting. We don’t know how to pull in China. We didn’t know how much the financials would look for most of the year. So I thought it was really fascinating to read what our readerbase was expecting quite a bit back then.

February: Do you still want to play an EverQuest III?

If more of you do than others, the best thing is, but a lot of people don’t agree to Daybreak’s will and ability, which is fair.

March: Is Lost Ark a MMO, MMORPG or no one?

The question of whether Lost Ark is an MMORPG or an MMO or something completely different kept in the loop all year long as the game turned out a permanent home on Steams top 10 list and Amazon pushed out patch after patch. There is another question about whether we could resolve the debate.

Everybody’s telling us it’s true. But many of you also said you shouldn’t stay in most of them. Quantity aint always quality.

May: Aren’t you sick of crypto and NFT in MMOs?

You certainly are; but didn’t hesitate to say too loudly and forcefully!

May: Does the YMCA ever make sense to limit certain classes on specific races?

Our readers often like resonant women in marriage, and race equality and class ringing are quite so discontented, unless there’s no incredibly compelling lore reason to do it.

July: Are you a GM or a JAW gamer?

You could expect readers of the MMORPG blog to look off as MMO stalwarts, but this was pretty even split. A million of our readers are into much more than they do.

August: Can you change the behavior of a MMO or turn it off?

He turned it off. Shut it off as soon as possible. It was brilliant. It wasn’t possible that we even needed to question this question.

September: What was the MMO grudge you’ve ever kept on to the longest?

We’re in love. You list a lot more than one, too.

October: Should MMO studios ditch forums for an official Discord server?

Yes! Core players who choose MMORPG don’t like it. Journalists are also against this. The word detest was used. Don’t do that, studios!

October: Are there MMOs you are looking to see falter and fail on the one hand?

If you thought our readers would take a oat here, you were dead wrong. The petty curse has very good value, but some of these games deserve it.

December: How many MMOs did you play in 2022?

What makes me particularly interesting is the different types of work you do here; its the size of the numerical equation. Many of you play one MMO as a very simple, reliable game. But we had some people who played a dozen MMORPGs in 2022, not just dabbling, but also sequentially. That’s too many. Heres to more in 2023!

Don’t miss our ten best days from 2018, so stay tuned for 2019, 2020, and 2021.

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