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In the Box Office, this Sci-Fi Epic Franchise benefited from 4 G$

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At the time of writing this document, the Avatar franchise earned $4 million at the box office. The latest entry, Avatar: Way of the Water, has already grossed 1,1 billion dollars at the global box office 15 days after its release. The staggering box office returns put the film on track to become the world’s biggest international release in 2022.

Although James Cameron’s not a fugitive for box office success, Titanic (2,2 milliards) and Terminator (650 millions) are all in high numbers. Without a doubt, this new feat is extremely impressive.

The iPlayer: The Offical Avatar Channel.

The movie began with the original “Avatar” in 2009, a movie that became more than a movie. Avatar is a cultural apocalypse that presented a good movie-going experience for the audience. The CGI was never seen before, but the film gave the public the choice of adding 3D glasses to its standard performance.

Avatar came to the forefront of 3D craze of the early 2010s, and remains a huge part of cinematic history. The film produced in the 1920s, but after a few years the original remains in the original. Avatar: Way of the Water received a positive response from critics, but the franchise has yet to get attention at the box office.

However, the box office gross is too low to the original, so the lower gross may be because the sequel has a much different market. Nonetheless, the film has achieved a very successful outcome and Cameron still plans on starting Avatar 3, 4, and 5 in the near future (or near).


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