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In the future, Denuvo will make modifying games more difficult

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But only if the developer themselves want it.

Denuvo anti-piracy developers are working on Unreal Engine Protection and Integrity Verification technologies designed for Unreal Engine. These technologies will make game modification difficult.

AI security does not guarantee a destruction of games. It is also going to stop several debugging tools from being activated in the game, such as the developer console.

Integrity verification technology allows developers to understand the correct interpretations and errors of their game code, thus protecting them from static and dynamic interference. The Denuvos anti-piracy system works as a similar way.

According to developers, first of all new technologies are designed to protect games against intruders: for example cheaters. However, Integrity Verification and Unreal Engine Protection can also interfere with normal modders.

The first technology will stop modders from using games such as models or textures and changing them. Second is to allow the interfering to the code for example, to change some mechanics.

New technologies can be used separately, in conjunction with Denuvo antipiracy protection. The developers should decide for themselves if they want to protect their games against intruders and modders.

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