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In the past year, Amazon has lost half of its value, but it isn’t so bad for the backdrop of Meta and Tesla

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While the share price dynamics was driving, the off-year year was the worst since 2000 and the worst ever since the dot-com collapse. This year the stock of the company has dropped by 51 cents and 2000 they have lost 80 percent of their value. However, the various tech giants, too, have suffered this year. Tesla shares have fallen 68%, and Meta* shares have fallen 66%.

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Amazons cash flow has gone up from 1,7 trillion dollars to $834 billion at the beginning of the year after the company dropped out of the trillionaire club last month. Because of the unfavorable macroeconomic climate, the rising inflation and the high interest rates have put the investor at risk for big profits, profitable profits and long dividends.

Despite the fact that Amazon investors have a large reason to sell their shares, there’s another important reason for them to take over it. The company is struggling with a downturn in sales because the forecast for strong demand for its services in the post-COVID era hasn’t come out yet. While at the peak of the pandemic, shoppers depended on small retailers like Amazon to supply essential goods, and soon returned to the shopping cart, and instead went over shopping and shopped for coffee, restaurant and shopped, meaning a lot of revenue was brought down by the giant market. The situation has only worsened since the start of the year when inflation rose due to foreign policy and supply chain problems.

He remained the CEO of Amazon in July 2021 and said that he hired too many people and built a warehouse network he would not be able to satisfy a pandemic-level demand. Since then it has suspended plans to suspend some buildings or abandon them altogether, and the number of employees has drastically decreased.

Yassi conducted a wide-ranging spending audit, resulting in a reduction in the complexity of many programs and a reduction in the number of new employees. Last month, Amazon started with a layoff plan which would eventually be used to keep 10,000 employees, a number of new employees.

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Notably even the Amazon cloud segment, a common place for investors, posted the weakest revenue growth in the third quarter. In 2023, experts expect negative trends to continue given the long-term macroeconomic impact of the cash-out sector and the continued weakness of its branches of commerce.

According to Evercore IIS forecasts, sales in retail of Amazon won’t be 10%, as in previous times it expected, but 6. Amazon’s revenue growth will fall short of the forecasted 26 % and be only 20 %. Although the demands of a product, experts recommend a company to its investors for two or three years, even considering the risks of a price fall or a falling product, the shares of Amazon remain an asset of the highest quality.

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