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In theory, is a Starfield X viable?

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The arrival of a highly anticipated console game is a very high expectation, especially when it comes to a special partnership with Starfield, as well as the case for Bethesda Game Studios. Although a new model looks at the different controversies of the pre-launch, one of the biggest wars was the decision to cap the game at 30 frames per second. Most games from the Xbox X series try to catch 60fps. When it comes to the final game, we will ask ourselves: what can we expect to see in the performance mode on Microsoft’s most powerful console? It’s the first task of a DF Direct special that you are seeing in a paragraph or two below these words.

In June, Bethesda confirmed the 30-fps cap on consoles. Todd Howard said that we would like cohérence big, open worlds, completely dynamic, hyperdetailed, where anything could happen. Howard also mentioned that Starfield can run up to 60 frames per second in response to the fact that the frame rate is fixed.

So how can we get this? We built a unique PC that can broadly match the Xbox Series X console’s capabilities. We recently reviewed the AMD 4800S Desktop Kit, which is a Chinese-exclusive OEM product based on the Xbox Series X SoC. The CPU consists of 16GB of memory GDDR6. The clocks are faster than the series X, and there are more cores available for gaming, but in fact, GDDR6 is an important limitation. The Xbox Series X CPU is indeed a Zen 2 processor, but it is very different from Ryzen 5 3600 or Ryzen 7 3700.

John, Rich and Oliver come together to share their opinions and tests in a Starfield direct special.

The next challenge is to select a GPU similar to the console. I can’t keep it simple by saying the same with the 4D, which is built on BSD-based RDNA2 core, but the graphics performance of the Xbox 5 is not as strong as the Xbox 360, so it’s very close to that. The Radeon RX 6700 (non-XT model) has the same 36 Compute Units that the PS5 GPU, the same 144 Texture Mapping Units and the same 96 ROP. Memory bandwidth is limited, but has more built-in cache. The Clock speed is slightly higher, but a quick tweak in MSI Afterburner sufficed to get the RX 6700 down to the 2,23GHz axis that is the PlayStation 5s GPU.

Let’s be clear: our Frankenstein console isn’t a PS5 or Xbox Series X replica. It is then used to replicate the unique architecture of the CPU, and give us power in the manner that would double the current generation of consoles. And while we can’t unlock frame rates, the same as Bethesda do, we don’t do that on a PC. What kind of challenge do you have next? We must improve our graphics settings and become more familiar with the latest XPS. Then, our massive Starfield PC software review will arrive next week.

It’s possible that I will perform my tests in the video embedded under this page, but with the game correctly configuring it, the experiments will start. When running with fourK output resolution with FSR 2 capability (no dynamic resolution scaling active), unlocking the frame rate revealed a varied rate, with Starfield delivering up to 60 frames per second, the following indicated. Interestingly, that happened in a closed environment for the first mission of the research laboratory. With the travel that I thought would be smoother, space travel increased by 35 fps to 50 fps. It’s in almost every place that the game ran in 30 to 40 fps zone.

And that’s exactly what we should expect. Starfield is a complex game with complex systems. If it is to hit 30 frames per second and allow for high performance, we should expect to see maximum efficiency when the CPU and GPU are at the least exploitable. Because settings of the best value, and on the best time possible, as close to the Xbox Series X, it’s not surprising it’s happening. But what if we lowered the resolution of the second and second half of the standard recollection to 1440p?

When I dropped resolution, I failed to give up the same settings, so I retained the same settings elsewhere. All of my scenarios were handled again, whereas Starfield would run at a minimum 40ps and much more. Not surprising to the research station mission that ran in the 50s lock to 60fps, but surprised to see the beautiful location of Neon locked at 60 frames per second. In the section I tested, space combat, hitting maximum frame-rate at least.

What was my conclusion? With the caveat that our Frankenstein Console isn’t a perfect match for the Xbox Series X, there seem to be evidence that there’s enough CPU overhead to run the game at a minimum 40fps, so a game mode 40 for 120 Hz screens can work. Even though the performance mode is limited to 60 frames per second, the users are still likely to find it valuable. This is especially suitable for gamers with variable refresh rate (VRR).

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It isn’t known if Bethesda will follow this path. Like most upcoming games, the thirty-fps became a no-brainer once players started using the game. It works and is consistent and it seems that the majority of players understand the reason for the limitation of the framerate. A game of that size, scale and scope isn’t suited to 60 frames per second target. There’s a reason that consoles are conventional systems with limited resources and it’s up to developers to achieve their performance goals according to their general ambitions for the game.

From the latest release to the first release, these tests cost about one-third of the DF Direct Special we have published today, so check out the video below at the top of the page, covering everything from the DLSS-Mod to the PC and its all the changes and adds to its custom FSR 2. AMD, along with John Linnemans, can adjust the HDR on PC and Series X, as long as it is possible to adjust the game properly. We also answer a number of questions from our supporters in Digital Foundry Support Program. This is always fun.

Next? Alex is nearly ready to share his PC technical analysis with us. But he has seen some of the content carefully, it will be a good analysis!

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