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In two years and sixteen approaches, as the study revealed, accumulated 122 grams of pure gas from the atmosphere of Mars

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NASA announced that it would complete an experiment by emulating oxygen for Mars on the device MOXIE in the Perseverance rover. The experiment, which took two years, proved to be possible in a method of producing carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere. The atmosphere is composed of 96% carbon dioxide.

Image Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech.

On August 7th, MOXIE (Experiment for Oxygen From Mars, Experiment on the Use of Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment) is the last attempt to get rid of the oxygen and oxygen resources of Mars (Experiment) for the fourth time, for which the experiment was decided to continue. There was a total of 122 g of oxygen in the experiment. MOXIE achieved 12 g of oxygen per hour with a purity of 99/100, which is double NASA’s ambitious goal.

We’re proud to support a breakthrough in the technologie MOXIE, which can be transformed locally from useful technologies for future exploration missions, said Trudy Kortes, director of technology demonstration at NASA Headquarters. By testing this technology in real-world situations, we’re closer to a future where astronauts will live self-sufficiently on the Red Planet.

Developing technologies to allow us to harness the resources on the moon and Mars is critical to building a long-term presence on the Moon, constructing a sustainable lunar economy and supporting the simulated human Mars exploration campaign, said Pamela Melroy, Deputy Head of NASA.

The climate of the Mediterranean is poor, with 96% carbon dioxide; therefore it isn’t suitable for people who breathe oxygen. MOXIE can be a result of the principle of separating carbon dioxide molecules in two oxygen and one carbon atoms. The oxygen atoms can be separated from each molecule’s atoms, and carbon monoxide is released as a result. This system analyzed the quality and quantity of oxygen from the gaz-passing device.

The device was made with heat resistant materials such as gold plating and airgel. Thus, the process of separating oxygen atoms requires a temperature of 798 degrees Celsius. These materials remove heat from any rovers and damage them.

The MOXIE experiment was the first ever demonstration of various technologies that people could use in their own lives to stay on the Red Planet for a long period of time and as well return home to Earth. Oxygen is required not only for human respiration, for plants growing, and other household use. Oxygen is also needed to operate rocket engines that will take people back to the Earth.

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