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Infinite released a new movie and trailer

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Paradox Interactive and Nimble Giant Entertainment announced that their upcoming grand strategy game Star Trek: Infinite, licensed by Paramount Consumer Products, will be released on Mac and PC on October 12, 2023. Star Trek: Infinite introduces players to an interstellar saga with new gameplay and the challenging choice where they can confront the forces of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s tenth century opens the doors of the galaxy as a party of their choice. In a exciting-looking game, players take the captains chair and lead a group of 4 unique power of the Quadrant: United Federation of Planets, Romulan Star Empire, Cardassian Alliance or Klingon Empire. Under the saga of Star Trek, Star Trek: Infinite opens a new realm of adventure: Players explore the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, manage empire dynamics, challenge economic intricacies and interact with uncharted civilizations.

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