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Inkulinati announced January’s release date with a new video

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Daedalic Entertainment and developer Yaza Games revealed that Inkulinati will finally see a release this January, with a new video to match. The game had been teased for a hot minute, while the gameplay focused on classic parchment scrolls with characters that you could find from medieval times. We now know the game will be available in Early Access on January 31st, 2023. An instrument, instead of the standard trailer, was released for the game by bardcore artists Hildegard von Blingin, which was produced by the developer. Watch both of the two videos on the bottom of the screen, as we wait for the game for next five weeks.

Thanks to Yazos Games.

“Inkulinati is a legendary group who battles in the medieval manuscripts. They fight in the Ink. Using this magic substance that produces creatures for the life of those creatures and a battle ensues. Donkeys with their bottoms, bishop cats vanquishing heretics with prayers, butchers that eat inhumane unfable, and more. I want to add many more words. But be stubborn against the frogs of the rabbit-bass and his mulesInkulinatiis for feebleness and shameless awess. These comical illustrations lie for the tactical depth of a turn-based combat inInkulinati. Players are given the role of master inulinati, who works with live illustrations on two-dimensional manuscript battlefields. The character with a distinctive ink, plays a key in strategic combat, and legends such as Dante and Hilldegard can turn the tide of fighting.”

“Inkulinati can be played on a single and local level. Players can make their troops to delve into the demanding single-player campaign or challenge other Inkulinati locals with a revival of the old-school hot-seat-mode. The game uses intricate maps that determinate duels and give different gameplay styles (env. agresiv vs. cunning).


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