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Inkulinati is a medieval strategy game which demonstrates new ideas today

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Indie Strategy comes into play.

Hear, hear, a medieval strategy comes to an end. Look for an ink-based world and become Inkulinati. Today, the developer Yaza Games and the publisher Daedalic Entertainment are happy to announce the date for the upcoming game, Inkulinati. Considering the importance of this game on January 31st 2023, this game presents a manuscript-looking game. Of course, those who don’t wait for the action also have free demos for the first time on Steam and Xbox until the last and last of January. A press release also shows more details of the game.

Inkulinati introduces players to the titular order. A manuscript is printed, the drawings are always in the tense tack. This combat is important in taco turn-based gameplay. Of course, the Inkulinati do battle with living ink and draw creatures of all kinds. As they fight, they will command an army of these creatures. Yet they aren’t alone. Legendary medieval characters like Dante and Hildegard look to turn the tide of battle.

There are also players to view the new trailer. In addition to showing off the game, the trailer gives players a glimpse of the iconic art style. Below you can see the trailer.

Inkulinati is going to open soon on January 31, 2023. It will be available on PC and Mac via Steam Early Access, GOG Early Access. In addition, players can play with the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch if they fully release the game. So, do you want to join the group of Inkulinati?



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