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InnerSloth confirms new map Among Us at Nintendo Direct

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A new Among Us map wasn’t always available on anyone’s bingo card ahead of Nintendo’s direct show.

Among us, the party game that took the world by storm in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, has become a draw.

The party game has gained an end in 2018, despite the popularity of the internet for the long haul.

Today, fans are brought with a fresh update that takes the game’s world – from the confines of high-tech sci-fi vessels to a very intriguing new place – The Fungle.

This new addition to Among Us is announced at the new Nintendo Direct launch this year – a mysterious and deserted island. The term “Fungle” is a playful portmanteau containing “fungus and “jungle,” a term who literally describes the land where our beloved crewmates are now marooned.

It’s in an original setting that players can enjoy with the original. The Fungle is alive, full of mushrooms and a sense of unpredictability.

The trailer for that new map, released in the Nintendo Direct, offered a narrative twist to the film’s viewer. The fan-favorite and now-iconic, armless astronauts crawled on a strange, fungus-infested island.

Among Us may change engines as soon as next year following the changes made by the United Nations to its policies.

This unpredictable landing is an incredible picture, all under the wild canopy of The Fungle, which has a eerie fungus. This map is not uncommon in Among Us; the entire game will be carried out by the villagers first.

The map’s environment is different, but its features still emulate familiar mechanics that players like. A massive set of binoculars for example suggests a revamped version of the security cameras pictured in the earlier maps. The vibrant colour palette, teeming with lush greens and a wide range of mushrooms, makes it both refreshing and dishonestly different.

With the introduction of The Fungle, Among Us enthusiasts can expect a slew of new tasks, all tailored to the island’s theme. From dicing vegetables to roasting marshmallows, each crew member is guided by the islands. But not everything’s as pure as it looks. The island is under one’s own deadly secrets, such as the formidable fungus traps that could play great in the hands of lurking impostors.

Among us is literally one of the biggest beneficiaries of the pandemic, from a game almost shelved to a game that will be supported at least until 2024.

The Fungle is going to be released next month, but the exact date remains unknown, the proximity indicates that players will soon navigate this interesting new map.

As always, community’s detectives are looking for hidden secrets, Easter eggs and potential clues to the future game crossovers.

Don’t worry. The Fungle will unlikely be exclusive to the Nintendo Switch.

According to the fact that Among Us currently has presence on multiple platforms – Android, iOS, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox X/S and the Xbox Game Pass – players can await their turn to decode the mysteries of The Fungle.

InnersSloth and Among Us are among the affected by Unity’s recent changes. It is believed that developers are going to migrate to a new video game engine starting next year.

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