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Insider: Xbox is very happy with Tango Gameworks

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This year, Tango Gameworks released 2 games for Xbox with Japanese era of Firebirds and Japanese anime: Tokyo. Since the announcement, the Hi-Fi Rush was released shortly, and now has surpassed 3 million players — and Ghostwire: Tokyo has already surpassed 5 million players since the release in 2022. I think that HiFi Rush is only available on Xbox X | S and PC, and that’s where it’s available and can only be played by a Game Pass subscription.

Microsoft isn’t released a commercial report for Hi-Fi Rush, but marketing chief Aaron Greenberg mentioned that the game was a big hit. As part of the new show Game Mess Decides, noted gaming insider Jeff Grubb stated that Microsoft is very, very happy with Tango Gameworks results.

Microsoft is very happy with this studio, they really like this studio and they are investing in it. They really care for that studio having a bright future.

Taking account of the survey of Tango Gameworks, the new project is being developed on Unreal Engine 5. That being said, some multiplayer elements will be introduced. There’s no doubt that more than one game is currently being built at the studio.

Recall that Tango Gameworks got very good reputation on The Evil Within franchise and so the series’ fans are waiting for the third part. Shinji Mikami, director of Development at The Evil Within and developer of Tango Gameworks, left the company this year.

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