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Instagram rival TikTok Notes is finally coming to Android and iOS in select regions

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TikTok has finally launched its Instagram rival app, TikTok Notes, after months of rumors and speculation. After being identified in an app teardown as TikTok Photos, TikTok has been renamed TikTok Notes for its social media app that lets you share your photos with the world, similar to Instagram.

It should be noted, if you already use TikTok and have a TikTok account, you can use that account to try out TikTok Notes. The company has yet to officially announce the launch, but Android Authority has confirmed that the TikTok Notes app is available on the Canadian Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Currently, the TikTok Notes app is not available in the US, but that may change very soon. TikTok may be testing the app before the global launch, so stay tuned. Speaking of functionality, TikTok Notes is an app that you can use to share photos , and unlike Instagram, it doesn’t show you a single post in the feed.

In fact, TikTok Notes includes a grid, which allows you to view multiple posts at the same time. You can click on any post in your feed and view it in full screen. You also get the option to read or leave comments. According to Android Authority, TikTok Notes offers features like photo carousels, chronological and algorithmic updates, note controls and more, similar to Instagram.

Interested users can head over to the official TikTok Notes website to download the app, and based on the operating system you’re using, you’ll be directed to your appropriate app market. Otherwise, you can use the provided links to download the TikTok comments from the The Google Store or Apple App Store.

If you’re outside of Canada and see the TikTok Notes app on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, then let us know in the comments below.

source: Android Authority

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