Intel Core i5-1350P is 6 percent faster than the Intel Core i5-1350P


People wait a lot for the official announcement of the 13th generation Intel processors, but the manufacturer gave some aversion to the production.

Even though the company has released quite expensive processors, it’s important to know, for sure. No, the problem is that the manufacturers released a relatively small line of processors aimed at users with a solid budget, but we still don’t buy our flagships, right?

Some potential buyers need a low-cost home-concept that will be built on a new platform. Otherwise there’s a chance you won’t get supported for Windows 12 when it is officially presented. However, we have good news about this topic, although somewhat overpriced.

That is the reason that the Intel Core i5-1350P processor was built for a mobile platform, also for laptops. That as to be noticed in the research on the Internet, the performance of chemical tests showed very impressive indicators that this processor easily breaks past generations of processors, while it consumes the same amount of energy.

For the laptops, this is really a great point, because it isn’t important for users because of the importance of autonomy, but no one plans to renounce performance. We’ll follow the news, since I like to know the cost of this processor now there’s no data on this.


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