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Intel Labs is already testing one of the GPUs of the next Arc Battlemage series

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Intel has begun testing BMG G10 GPUs, which will be the mainstay of one or more graphics cards from the upcoming Arc Battlemage series. The portal, HardwareLuxx, reported that this was reported. The journalists participated in the Intel Tech Tour.

Source of the image : VideoCardz.

Unfortunately, the press couldn’t take photographs during the event, but they saw a stack of GPUs labeled BMG G10 (BMG). The BMG G10 would likely become the successor to the Alchemist-ACM-G10, which is used in Arc A770. But given the complex naming scheme for the Intel GPUs, it isn’t yet clear what level of video cards this GPU uses. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the ACM-G12 (mobile A570 and A530, as well as the professional Arc Pro A60) are higher in the hierarchy than the ACM-G11 (the younger A380), although one assumes otherwise.

The mentioned BGM G10 has already appeared on leaked roadmaps for Intel products. This phenomenon will be predicted in the 2/3/3/14 quarter of 2024. With this time, the company planned to make at least two GPUs BMG G10 and BMG G21 available. Second, first, is the base of video cards with a clock speed of up to 225 W, second, is the basis of video cards with a clock speed of up to 150 W.

Image Source: RedGamingTech.

In terms of the technology features of the BMG G10, it is assumed that it will receive twice the number of Xe graphics cores, which namely 64, as opposed to the current ACM-G10. We also know that Intel wants to make this GPU-based, 256-bit, memory-bus support.

The announcement of the Intel Battlemage GPU series is expected in 2024. The company hasn’t officially confirmed this information yet. According to rumors, their debut may begin in the first half of next year.

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