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Intel raises recommended prices for Core processors

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Without prea much publicity, Intel increased its recommended price for the LGA1700 platform. The updated price list has already been put into effect and is available on the official website of Intel.

The average price of the X-12 series Core processors has increased by 10 p.m. For example, the i3-12100F model now costs 107 euros instead of $77; the flagship i9-13900KS must pay $813 euros instead of $739. The table tables show the standard prices of other members of the alder lake-sa family.

Core i9-12900KS. $739 $813

Core i9-12900K. $589 $648

Core i9-12900KF. $564 $620

Adaptive i9-12900 Core i9-12900 Core. $489 $538

Core i9-12900F 9th o’clock. $464 $510

Core i7-12700K (delayed) i7-12700K. $409 $450

Core i7-12700KF, 4500KF, i7-12700KF, 2000KF, i7-12700KF, i7-12700KF, etc. $384 $422

Core i7-12700. $339 $373

Core i7-12700F $314 $345

Core i5-12600K $289 $318

Core i5-12600KF 5D $264 $290

No 0-5-120,600 base. $223 $245

Core i5-12500 x 5000 y. x 5000 x 12500 y. $202 $222

Core i5-12400. $192 $211

Core i5-12400F $167 $184

The main i3-12100 is a complete package. $122 $134

Core i3-12100F. $97 $107

The price for overclocking systems of the 13th generation (Raptor Lake-S), was unchanged. The telecommunication giant is probably going to fix this problem in the near future.

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