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Interview with the creators of the infamous Civil Civil Society Fires, Rubicon, and Armored Core E

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In that interview, we talked to the developers Yasunori Ogura and Masaru Yamamura about how they got into Armored Core VI, an outline of the game’s story and worldview, and the unique mech Assembly feature, action.

We were absolutely committed to the preparation of the revised core.

While it was in the beginning of a battle against the obscene, my company, President Hidetaka Miyazaki, and myself, the director Yamamura, and many others, all wanted to create a new ARM game. Using our experience in developing other titles, we also helped a team of very talented people. We didn’t feel like leaving the rage with a new core.

Since shortly after 2018, Miyazaki and a few other people formed a small team of independent directors who was back and reevaluing the fundamentals of the Armored Core series and begun to develop a prototype that allowed them to refocus their new entry. After the release of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in 2019, Yamamura joined the project and took over the role of director. Co-operation started around 2020.

In the meantime, because we had several projects being started simultaneously, we have to allocate internal resources to the development of other titles. The fact that ended up waiting for this game was a long ten-year delay.

What fundamentals of the game do you think makes the player unique and captivating?

A lot of people view assembling as a kind of character building, but the game itself requires players to get a lot more performance on time to adapt to the challenges presented by the game. This skill is more than just adding to the game’s ability to customize mech to be a pleasure to the players, and gives them a sense of connection with your mech, and also allows them to evolve to an advanced mercenary that needs to adjust their weaponry to suit the different missions. I think these three elements together define Armored Core and its global perspective.

PSB: Did you choose to change or not?

Yamamura: One of the things we didn’t want to change was the complexity of the customization and assembly. We didn’t want to simplify any of the components that gave players freedom to create and customize their unique pieces.

Secondly, too much complexity carries the risk of turning new players away. The tutorials and the introduction of new features in the earlier part of the game are thus far beyond the previous one. I think this was one of the things that we decided to change.

The unique worldview and story affirms humanity, and a pragmatic way of life and death are all about the mystical.

PSB: What was the disaster that engulfed Rubicon, the frontier development planet, on which it was set, and the surrounding star systems? Can you tell us more about the story and the background?

Yamamura: The disaster resulted from the explosion in the new energy source Coral and is called the “Fires of Ibis”. A submerged explosion in the contaminated Rubicon and surrounding star systems, it did cause further and more serious harm to the biological environment.

However, this large-scale combustion did a certain directivity pattern, and Rubicon areas survived the disaster. The Rubiconians, descendants of immigrants who inhabited and developed this planet in the time, survived the disaster. They have to live in hostile conditions, like incarcerated on their planet because a separate group called Planetary Blockade Authority has sealed the planet and other affected star systems off.

Soon after, extra-terrestrial corporations who caught wind that the Corals that had been resurfaced by the Fires of Ibis decided to move in on Rubicon and exploit the gaps in the planetary blockade, to fight for control of the substance.

Master Assembly, and find your best mates to get the job done.

PSB: What were the key points for the Assembly feature which allows players to create their own mechs?

Yamamura: We focused on making sure the Assembly feature impacts not only mechs parameters, it also the play and feel of the play, especially the leg elements that shape the movement of mechs. For example, if you attach four legs to your mech, it will alter the basic action of the mech, allowing you to keep in the air. We wanted to ensure that every weapon’s unique shooting style, recoil and bullet patterns were applied. If it matches previous titles, players can take mechs to their liking, not only from the appearance and the dimensions of the game, but also and their play styles are equally matched.

On the other hand, players are able to assign two different weapons to the controllers shoulder buttons (L1/L2/R1/R2), and, in principle, they are all the same. This system integrates the Stagger system, since players can create different builds based on tactical and coordinated actions. For example, players can choose what weapon they used for the damage, which weapon to trigger a stagger, and what weapon to deal direct damage when the enemy is staggered and vulnerable. This is a new feature that’s encouraging players to think more about their weapons choices. Our hope is that they’ll be creative and have fun finding their best weapon combinations.

A combat system where attacks can increase impact damage, and once it has reached the limit, the Attitude Control System will be overloaded. This makes mechs vulnerable for a short time.

PSB: Have you got any practical advice on the mechanics of games or the Assembly of the game for players looking for new ones?

When the function is turned on, it automatically turns off enemies within a certain range of your screen, so you won’t need to push down the button when you encounter enemies. He is already busy with three-dimensional traversal and multiple weapons, so we hope that players will use that feature and have fun driving the mech.

If you want to convert to a more efficient generator, it is always a good idea. If you have a generator with high temperatures, you’ll have space for your trip and to fly without worry.

For those who find it difficult to use multiple weapons simultaneously, I recommend the blades. Weapons are good sources of ammunition because the melee weapon has a huge effect on the environment, and there isn’t more to control than weapons as you swing the melee weapon.

PSB: Does anyone sign a message to the fans excited about the release?

Ogura: We have waited ten years to play our last game in the series, and I’m very proud that we can finally do our best with our promise to everybody. Armored Core VI is a new mech game, whose focus is on the Armored Core series, while preserving the ten years of knowledge and experience we gained from work on other titles. We hope that the fans reveal the greatness of the Armored Core series and that those who are playing for the first time will enjoy this new book. We hope that this game makes the new Armored Core game a step forward.

Yamamura: I’m very sad given the long wait. Our team is always working to create an Armored Core title with the same experience as new and exciting elements that only exist today. I appreciate all the new players who are looking forward to the title and all the fans who haven’t forgotten the Armored Core series for the past decade. Thank you very much! See her in Rubicon!

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