Introduced Pro Compact Controller Colorlight for Xbox with Customizable LEDs


Nadia announced a new gamepad for the Xbox and PC. A well-known gaming peripherals manufacturer announced a controller called the Pro Compact Controller Colorlight.

This gamepad allows players to customize the game, not just as it looks, but also with controls. The controller allows players to select the right lighting combination. The Pro Compact Controller Colorlight is actually transparent; inside there are 6 small LEDs that can show a variety of colors. Players can choose the light effect 4 and the cycle speed (3 available) to work the LEDs accordingly.

The button on the Colorlight screen of Pro Compact Controller can be remapped, and in the Microsoft Store, there’s a custom controller. The gamepad can be connected to the console and powered by a telephone, either. Gamepad dimensions are 15% smaller than standard controllers.

The Nacon Pro Compact Controller Colorlight costs 55 dollars in the UK. You can watch the gamepad trailer below.

The trailer seems to have a bug when the date of the release date for Fall 2022 was changed, although the controller is now available for purchase on the Nacons website.


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