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Invasion officially began after a massive deployment

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The long-awaited content as the Invasion began, was finally launched by Blizzard Entertainment. At BlizzCon 2019, we played the first of the Invasion storylines, where you and your teammates play out missions and tell the story of the Naked in the region trying to try to steal the Null Sector. Fast four years later, we finally have it. Last updated on the 18th August, which was launched on the 10th of August, brings about new Invasion Story Missions, new Peruvian Support Hero Illari, two huge maps in the new Flashpoint PvP mode, and a lot more through the seasonal pass. We’re getting more details below, along with the latest trailers, before going check it out for yourself.

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

  • Overwatch 2: Invasion Story Missions:Players will travel to Rio, Toronto, and Gothenburg as they explore the beginning of Overwatch 2. The new cinematic features many new voices, and players can explore the start of Overwatch 2 with friends.
  • The new support hero, Illari: The 38th hero on the squad, Illari is the first Peruvian hero on Overwatch. She can heal herself and harm at the same time she feels fit with the sun, as well as her short-range capabilities.
  • New PvP mode, Flashpoint: Two new maps enter the PvP rotation with FlashpointSuravasa and New Junk City! Players will fight for captured points in this non-linear PvP map experience, testing team coordination and creativity in new ways across the most popular PvP maps of the time.
  • Underworld co-op mission: Add to the list of friends in a limited time epoch that takes place in a previously unexplored area of King’s Row and takes place against new enemies from the Null Sector. Weekly changes are becoming available in order to give the players new challenges all season long.
  • Great ideas. Find inspiration and experience with your favorite heroes. The new progression system tracks and displays the game’s 38 heroes’ gameplay and progress in a new interface.

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