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iPhone 15: USB-C leak suggests major upgrade in data transfer

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In a video put up by Oliver Jager, the video put up by the iPhone 15 on the 01/17/2023, in 3:45 o’clock, which was crucial for the accuracy of the transmission. The port seems to be able to lower the speed of Thunderbolt/USB4, which would be a huge upgrade from the iPhone 14.

The annual presentation of the next and 15th iPhone comes to a stand in September. The rumor mill warms up as usual and discusses potential features that the new devices could claim for themselves. The user, lipilipsi, leaked pictures of the iPhone 15 and the USB-C ports, as well as his internal workings. Interestingly, an author from the site Chargerlab.com found that details would mean an enormous upgrade of the iPhone 15 compared to its predecessor.

Apple’s 15: Around 83 times faster than the 14th iPhone?

The photos with a USB-C socket are thought to be included in the iPhone 15 standard model as well as the Pro and Max models. Chargerlab discovered the component connected to USB-C socket on the circuit board, which apparently is a retimer chip. This device can be used with High-Speed Data Transport Speed, for example at Thunderbolt and the USB4 speeds, so that it can be used with advanced data transmission capabilities.

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It would mean the USB-C port for the iPhone 15, Max and Pro will support Thunderbolt/USB4s high data transfer rate of 40 Gbps. The lightning connector of the iPhone 14 Pro, also the direct predecessor of the iPhone 15 Pro, can only access 480 Mbit/s, which corresponds to the transfer rate of USB 2.0.

To that point, my iPhone 15 Pro is the new model king. Just be ready.

The iPhone 15 could boast up to eight more times faster data transfer rates. Nevertheless, Apples hands are responsible for a wide range of functionalities such as the USB-C port of the iPhone 15. The manufacturer allowed only for iPhone accessories to release the best data rate due to profit-driven costs.

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