Is 100 Thieves an “Anxiety”-like shooter? Myth thinks yes


As the demand for an online store slowed, it was time for a movie called Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Black Ops 4, or Advanced Warfare. So, streaming superstar Myth believes that 100 Thieves might have the answer they’re waiting for.

When Black Ops 3 was released on Nov. 5 2015, the call of duty was just so enthusiastic. Fans are unhappy with the release, wishing to go back to boots-on-the-ground Call of Duty – instead of the heavily-developed jetpacks and combat featured both in Black Ops 3 and the original CoD release: Advanced Warfare.

The focus of the warblers on jetpack usage was barely noticeable when the third straight installment of the Call of Duty franchise featured that combat ideology. After the release of the Infinite Warfares, Activision finally returned to boots-on-the-ground gameplay with Call of Duty: WWII.

Even though fans listened to the CoD release’s lukewarm response, fans started to miss the rapid exciting combat of the jetpack Call of Duty which many once thought would end in time. There are over 200 fans in the video game, Myth and he thinks 100 Thieveswho announced that a new video game in March, could have the solution.

I honestly think that 100Thieves will end up making a game similar to black ops 3/4 / advanced warfare. If I didn’t see the emphasis on art and character designs, I wrote on Twitter.

I honestly think that @100Thieves will end up making a game like black ops 3 / 4 / advanced warfare. But with more emphasis on character development and art style,

Myth (@Myth_) December 28, 2022

Even though fans are not so eager to return to the jetpack-based era of Call of Duty, fans can’t stop it. Both Myths and others reminiscing about this bygone era of CoD have received wave of responses exclaiming detest for three called for duty release.

One of those who did not reveal the precise nature of the shooter game is to come up with in another update video, but it is reportedly said that it wants to build a ranked mode with similar gameplay to Call of Dutys Search and Destroy.


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