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Is Disney Plus stopping Account & Password Sharing in 2023?

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People are worried Disney Plus stops password sharing. Are they right about the Disney cracking down on account sharing in 2023? Here are the need-for-know details.

Does Disney Plus allow password sharing in 2023?

Disney will stop password sharing by the beginning of 2024.

Disney CEO Bob Iger stated that the company will examine ways to address account sharing and to adopt a strategy to promote monetization beginning in 2024.

This doesn’t mean that there are any regulations for password sharing, but it will probably cost the people who currently share the same account.

When is Disney Plus stopping password-sharing and account sharing?

Disney Plus plans to stop password and account sharing at the beginning of 2024.

While Disney expected to begin to ban multiple users from gaining access to the service via one account, that won’t mean a direct ban.

It is not likely that Disney Plus will make use of a Family Account instead of banning users. That would naturally come with an increase in costs, which users must take, to watch.

Netflix, which the rival service of the competition has started, launched its password cracking earlier this year. The ban on sharing passwords enabled millions of new subscribers.

Because of the price of the service being increased in October, sadly, the password sharing isn’t just bad for Disney Plus users. Here are the exact details.

For those who accustomed to sharing a password and paying only fraction of the cost, modifying the law to prevent password sharing will certainly do a lot of work.

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