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Is Genshin in a game? miHoYos answer

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Although it’s available for more than two years now, Genshin Impact has never reached different platforms than those on which it was coming. Despite everything, however, the Nintendo Switch version continues to be mentioned among those on the train. Will that be true?

If you think of what you think, that would be the case. During our recent interview with the developers of Genshin Impact, we asked for any updates regarding this game, which fans have been waiting for years. Although the oriental software house hasn’t unbuttoned itself on the details of the specific details, it has confirmed to us that the Nintendo Switch edition of Genshin Impact is still in development and fans will get more information when the team is ready to reveal them.

You can stream games directly on any device with the developers. Let’s talk about it, but it isn’t excluded that game in the distant future can be developed as well on Xbox 360, e.g. with the possibility, as of now, to play on Xbox Cloud Gaming, as is in Fortnite section 4.

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