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Is Teal Mask DLC worth it for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet?

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If you like the new Pokemon Scarlet & Violet DLC, please ask us if it is your interest – here you’ve got some choice between teal masks and other products.

Genoa is certainly a dissensive generation of Pokemon, despite the relatively poor performance of Scarlet & Violet on Switch.

Some players are doing some slack in Game Freak and now they are wondering whether the situation is improving in the new Teal Mask DLC. I wonder whether the expansion is worth the 35 dollars?

Sword and Shield were known for having strong DLC compared to base game. Could Scarlet & Violet say the same?

Is Teal Mask Worth Playing? Pokemon Scarlet andamp; violet DLC Explained.

If it is not for the Teal Mask, it’s worth playing. The story, however, is short – but interesting, 4 new legendaires Pokemon – and a new state filled with 100 new fan-favorite creatures.

However, being aware of the Hidden Treasure of Area Zero expansion pass will raise your $34,492 sum. Fortunately, this price doesn’t include the Indigo Disk DLC, which will be available in Winter 2023.

But if you’re alone in it, don’t expect to spend over three hours on The Teal Mask.

For those Pokemon lovers too, there’s plenty of content to explore. Completionists can spend up to 12 hours with the new expansion.

Here you can expect from playing:

The Teal Mask Storybook is the storyline.

The Teal Masks story introduces the players to the famous Land of Kitakami, a remodeled area around a large mountain. Here, you will find new characters Carmine and Kieran, who look to be a key part of The Indigo Disk.

The storyline involving Ogerpon is short but sweet, but worthy of the imagination. Moreover, there are teases about the huge expanse of The Indigo Disk.

New Pokemon

The Teal Mask has only eight brand-new Pokemon, but it will definitely consist of new fan-favorites. Here’s the complete list of all new Pokemon in the Teal Mask: the full list.

Pokemon ImagePokemonType DipplinGrass/Dogdon. SinistchaGrass/Ghost. PolchageistGrass/Ghost is the house of a Polchage. Bloodmenoon UrsalunaGround /NormaloenaGround. OkidogiPoison/Fighting. Moorkoo/Psychic, MunkidoriPoison/Psychic, 2005. FezandipitiPoison/Fairy. OgerponGrass (+ Fire/Water/Rock w/ Masks)

Ogerpon is a real attraction of the expansion.

In addition to that, the unique Bloodmoon Ursaluna is available for grabs in the Teal Mask postgame.

Are there any improvements in performance or graphics?

No, the graphical and performance issues of Pokemon Scarlet & Violets remain virtually unchanged in the Teal Mask DVD. The new area, the land of Kitakami, seems quite interesting than Paldea.

Because perhaps of its smaller scale, Kitakami is highly-populated with plants and Pokemon and more, with less space in between encounters.

It isn’t the performance patch that Pokemon fans have been hoping for. But even if you’re used to Paldea, this new area looks more and more attractive.

Maybe that’s just wishful thinking by our part.

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