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Is the Dream Home Trait worth the pick in Starfield?

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The Starfield Dreamhome trait unlocks the best house in the game. You drowned in GalBank debt that have to be paid off without the perk. In fact, the mortgage on the Moon-based penthouse is really that bad? Here’s what you should know before picking the dream home ticket.

Is Dream Home in Starfield worth it?

Even though the Starfield Trait Dream Home states you must make weekly payments, it’s not true. Instead of providing one payment, GalBank wants to pay off all the debt. That game can really save money in the long run to pay off, like Animal Crossing. The amount of money you pay for this mortgage is not major.

So, can the Dream Home linger without a debt penalty? The answer depends on how you decide on your match. The mechanic at the Starfield House is more effective than anything else. If you want to live in a cool place where your character and his romantic partner could live, then the Dream Home is the best house. They are unable to unlock new features, and their best usefulness is their ability to store items, weapons and armor.

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When you travel throughout your spaceships, you will quickly find your cargo filled with debris. The house is a good place to store goods in Starfield, so that you won’t overtake them. The dream home is based on the moon, in the middle of nowhere. It would be nice if it was located in a city like New Atlantis with lots and more perks close by.

The only big downside of this dream home tramit is that you’re basically using a Starfield Trait slot that you could have used for something else. If you don’t find any of the other character creator perks useful, then you might be in a sandbag. Dream Home is worth it if you are real interested in having a house in Starfield, but it’s not a must for everyone.

Starfield now is available for the Xbox Series X and the Xbox 360.

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