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Is the solution to use the Android app for the Google phone?

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Google has developed several methods to improve its Android mobile applications and mobile devices, while the fight against SPAM calls was popular amongst the priorities. Obviously, we now have a new feature of potential SPAM which will appear in the Google mobile app.

Many users already have this option, especially for those who use the Beta version of this free Android app. For some reason that may escape us, Google removed the warning of potential SPAM when a flagged number calls our phone.

One example shows the potential use of the Google Phone app to flag a number as a SPAM.

Fortunately, this feature has come out to all users with more possibilities for the identification of potential threats, or simply commercial campaigns.

The Google Phone app protects you against SPAM calls.

The call screen on my Android smartphone will show a very clear signal when a computer caller calls us a new number that recently indicates that someone is already calling us.

The visual alert is impossible to ignore, as in the imagery that illustrate this piece, we will understand a lot.

This is a simple example of a alert when you call the mobile phone.

The warning, accompanied by the red light, will give the user a chance to think about twice before answering a call that a rang out of a new flag named SPAM.

In contrast, if the user’s name is recognizable, he can still answer the call and then classify the number as safe, so he could avoid future undue signals.

The Google app will recognize the user preferences, and the next call from the contact will no longer be shown the alert signal. Simply classify that number as not SPAM, if that’s a safe number.

ISPAM protection is offered to all users.

The function was demonstrated when the Google Apps were listed in the Play Store.

It is important to note that the possibility of naming the two who have flagged a security number as a potential SPAM is available on the History screen.

In the end, if you tap on the number in question, a new menu of options will appear where the possibility of classifying it as a secure number is discussed.

The Google Phone app will remember the users choice, and not display the alert for that phone number anymore. Nevertheless, if the user classifies the number as SPAM, all future calls from that contact will fall into the voice mail folder.

Google App is free for Android.

Alternatively, when you open Google Phone, you can enter the Settings area right beside the keyboard. Next, go to the Caller ID section at the top. That lets us manage the Google application and learn more about how it works.

Any interested user can now use this solution of SPAM protection with the application Google Phone, which works just for the mobile phone app – free, via the Google Play Store – for Android.

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