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Iso, a bulletproof wizard who can take over entire squad in one shot as the next agent of VALORANT’S successor, is capable to defeat virtually every team with only half an hour

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The VALORANTs next agent, Iro was officially revealed in today’. His deathly asmalays is likely to be one of the most powerful duelist with this pool at hand by the game agents community members and their friends would all agree for him only once.

The trailer looks like it’s a big hit from the Sunset map: Kingdom facility explosion is uncovered, and stars an independent scientist in its universe talking about I’o just as well. The people who said nothing about the hired gun Iso seem outright crazy.

The guard was known as a bulletproof wizard, when Iso appeared in the video unflazed from his gaze and watched me pass through another stream of bullet points. They say that he taken out an entire squad with one round, showing him using the pistol similar to the Sheriff’s and hinting at how hard it is for us.

It seems that Iso has the names “The Dead Lilac,” which referenced to her purple flash before she died. Iso can very well have a flash ability like those of other duelist nations such as Phoenix and Yoru. Those trailers also show the magnitude of one:54 mark what could be her ultimate; an extensive purple effect that shows his symbol present is isolated from members for whom they are involved. The concept of ultimate force forces enemies, which the fans already speculated.

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As for the next movie, I’m going to have a new target: Omen. Fans won’t have to wait that long, but his abilities have already leaked just moments after the trailer premieredand naturally they did.

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