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Iso, A New Agent, Has been announced by Valorant

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Riot Games released the first teaser trailer in advance of their latest Valorant agent this morning. While we got closer to Inos, it was nicer than ever for me! The character and their backstory aren’t very clear, but they reveal that they were a Chinese fixer hired by whom was the task of dismanting things. He has the ability to convert ambient energy into bulletproof protection, so for a majority of this you’re getting an intelligent player. The character was introduced along with a specific piece of information about the Episode 7, Act III Battle Pass, to use as an interview for game producer Mingxi Zou that we have on you here. The new agent and pass will be released on October 31st.

Credit: Riot Games

What were your goals for the Battle Pass Chapter 7?

This Battle Pass will come to an incredible conclusion, made up of maps and agents. With more than 50,000 members in its history it has been dedicated towards the journey from which we have shared our thoughts. ThisBattle Pass has a festive essence and it looks like an open new year. Alongside these, our accessories aim to catch those joyful and funny moments from the game that players might find familiar such as Big Bet or Fragger’s Fall Spray.

What did you inspire in Episode 7 of the Act III Battle Pass?

My face inspires me through cherished art forms and stories. The ballet-inspired skins show an elegant, toy soldier look and are the latest in a series of wintry performances. Our deserty skin is lilac and golden, with beautiful colours. The Chinese eyewear captures delicate dance of light and shadow in vivid animals, unmatched by a time-consuming creative tradition. Together, these skins celebrate festive stories and joy of year-end celebration with their relic that set the stage for new adventures.

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