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It Takes 10 SecondS, but Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection finally gives gamers the ability to stop cutscene scenes

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After the Master Collection launches October 24, Konami can finally add cutscenes to its original 3 games, but it’ll just take 10 seconds.

As reported by MP1st, YouTuber Iriducibile 86 S’en got on an early copy of the game and streamd it live. The new feature showed off, adding that when a child turns the time button on the screen of the movie. When there is no turning-off in the movie theaters and the entire story appears about the action.

It’s a chance this is just the mistake or bug that Konami does not intended to, it may be fixed in an update as soon time as the master collection comes out ready for day one of work.

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Despite the lack of functionality in the remastered game, Metal Gear Solid fans have long regretted that feature was neglected by players on PlayStation 3. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patrioties added this feature, so it should be in theory as a standard game.

The series is famous for its cutscenes, probably infamous. The games in Master Collection are two-fold and Metal Gear Solid both 2, 2et 3 not the main imprint though, with Metal averaging four to have the longest screen cutscene at six minutes.

A short version of the Master Collection is announced in addition to Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake. 1 will play PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Nintendo Swich and PC. It’s already faced criticism, but Metal Gear Solid 1 will be locked at thirty frames per second.

Ryan Dinsdale is a freelance journalist for IGN. He’s going to talk about the witch all day.

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