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It’s a clear imitation of Pokemon by Honkai: Star Rail Games

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As you begin your journey through Honkai: Star Rails Aetherium Wars event, the feeling is probably slightly familiar. The feeling of change will only grow as more people enter our competition starts to work together!

Aetherium Wars starts with a tournament that seems to be a little crazy of Pokemon, but eventually becomes an entire universe-like copyright. And it’s absolutely intentional because the references are so obvious and hilarious that even someone with only a general knowledge of Pokemon like me can recognise what is happening.

This Honkai: Star Rail event sinnly parodies Pokemon, and comes across as a great love letter.

There are two hundred Aether Spirits that you can collect and build. A screenshot by Dot Esports.

There are nods more obvious, such as The Antetrates system where you need to fight each creature before they can or the battle unit which puts against progressively tougher opponents so you work towards becoming their champion. But there are also more subtle references like the two IPC guards that mimic Team Rocket’em’, as they follow him everywhere and pretending to steal their Warp Trotter, just like the Pokemon duo do in Pikachu. That keeps you from losing every single moment of your life compared with one another at first sight!

The IPC duo actually sounds the same as Team Rocket, that players are convinced its actual voice actors – but they haven’t yet revealed who is behind those villains’ voices. Ignoring whether that is the case, these voice actors definitely made their best impression on this iconic duo.

You must leave Victory Zones, and so far as you are seen by another player a comical exclamation point appears above their head. There’re many that do not know how to enter combat. The dialogue you hear from other competitors is often very goofy and over the top, but also very clearly Honkai: Star Rail exaggerating Pokemon – some kind of prognostic.

It’s in fact one of the funniest dialogue lines I had ever encountered anywhere here. Star trains are the only ones that don’ten you know it can be seen on Honkai Road for any time besides the train station. Watch a video of Dot Esports.

The Trailblazer said the Warp Trotter to one point use Tackle. That’s a very common Pokemon move, which makes great fun of it all in its way out! A mysterious character named Giovanni explains the entire event, which is more evident and apparent than the Pokemon’s name.

Every Aether Spirit you’ll find is caught in the Theets Coin, which acts like a Poke Ball. Even as you have caught all of the available Aether Spirits, and tackling everything in Victory Zone: youre reward is probably the most obvious. The achievement was accomplished by Gota Catch Em All!

There’s even a mostly useless Aether Spirit called the Entranced Ingenium: Illumination Dragonfish with an Ultimate Move that doesn’t waste any money so as its creatures load up, leaving ruins on firework. When you use this move, you literally get a pop-up saying that it did absolutely nothing. This creature looks like an all-out reference to Magikarp!

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Aetherium Wars is a hilarious love letter from Pokemon, and players are already calling it Honkai: Star Rails best event. Since this tournament was in progress, attention to detail and thought were thrown into consideration. This isn’t like other events where you do not want the worst of it!

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