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It’s not an hallucination Pipe Dream is on Xbox

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It’s on Xbox One.

We know that you were dreaming of changing the pipe forevermore. We know that addiction has hit many moons ago. But now Pipe Dream has become available on Xbox and there is no hallucination at all.

What old pipe puzzle do you think?

The latest game to beat the old Pipe Puzzler is the latest to make it famous. Just it does that with a bit of a difference. From 909 and Weakfish Studio teams, Pipe Dream is a 2D platformer in which you’ll need to help some character dudes make their way across a few levels.

Nothing new there you think, but that is something about the power of the pipe. You will use various taps, making the most of colours and keys, as well as take the time to work through the stages. With the rapid use of strategic calls and the exponential increase of the need for each minute, this is something that will test your gaming credentials.

Unfortunately, there’s no fixed step for the repair. We can see that some old time is used on our review with Pipe Dreams on Xbox.

The key features of Pipe Dream on the Xbox 360 are the main character of the game.

  • Do the right plan to make the map easier for you!
  • Change your symbols depending on the level and the pipes in order to get the keys to certain places in the shortest way possible.
  • Changing the colour palette and atmosphere from level to level will change the experience in every level!
  • This quick restart option allows you to restart levels quickly and search for different paths.

Were not really sure what to do from that to be honest. Trailers and screenshots reveal very little and the Xbox Store blurb doesn’t help. But don’t you think it’s bad, be careful not to miss this opportunity and let the CW know how Pipe Dream plays on the Xbox. Try to write some reviews.

In the meantime, take a nap a day to a bowl and take a bowl of this simple puzzle. Having started off the mark is only $419, but more than just a short deal.

Dream a lot on Xbox.

This 2D platform game where we manage our little character will get you into a different world than the platform game you know. In the game where we progress chapters by chapters, we are trying to get to the places requested by the pipes extending from the ledges to catch the keys placed in places. As you progress, the distance of the pipes as soon as you travel, grows, but as soon as you walk away, the pipes are in different colors and should be positioned according to the correct color plan, making your game harder, but less boring. Try to look at different levels of techniques and try to develop the correct strategies.

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