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It’s not just you – Skype and OneDrive are down

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Microsoft doesn’t seem to be off to a great start in 2023. Multiple users are reporting problems accessing various Microsoft services, such as OneDrive or Skype. The latter is a particularly sore topic during the holidays (and after a major redesign is announced).

OneDrive customers (including us) cannot open Microsoft cloud storage on the web or sync their content in the mobile and desktop apps. Trying to load OneDrive in a browser results in a “something went wrong” error and an empty file list. Microsoft says it is “reviewing service monitoring telemetry to isolate the root cause and develop a remediation plan.”

As for Skype, some users cannot spend, give gifs or purchase Skype credits or subscriptions. The service also does not allow viewing or changing recent purchases, such as credits or calling cards. Also, some Microsoft 365 subscribers don’t get their 60 minutes of Skype calls. The software giant is working on solving the problems as soon as possible.

You can track the issues with OneDrive and Skype officially Microsoft 365 service status page.

Having trouble accessing OneDrive or Skype? Maybe other Microsoft services are also disabled for you? Tell us in the comments.

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