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It’s now easier to copy non-PSVR Games, due to Control Standards

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The PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) is set to launch a new generation of VR games in the 2023 period, and since the recent hardware standards ensured that the transfer of games to PSVR2 has never been easier.

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In an article from the week #380 of EDGE magazine, you’ll see how VR games are much easier to develop for multiple platforms, according to the Last WorkerCreative Director Ryan Bousfield.

I take a look at the PSVR2, as well as Oculus. Some companies standardise. A few years ago, you had the Vive wands, and different Oculuss control, and then the PS Move didn’t even have D-pads. This was completely absurd.

When VR headsets were wildly different from that of VR, developers must tune their games into their platforms. Even though standardization is used, developers can not worry about the platform and focus more on the game.

PlayStation VR2 will have its first launch on 22 February.

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