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James Corden Could’ve Been LotRs Samwise Gamgee, and That’s truly terrifying

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Hollywood has many stories about actors and actresses who had the opportunity to play a role that turned out to be iconic, and either got passed on or turned down it. One of the most famous of these is Will Smith refusing to take the role of Neo in The Matrix films. Seeing the same story is revealed on the mains of allies favorite Hobbit sidekick Samwise Gamgee and talk show host James Corden.

In an interview on Happy Dissuade Podcast, James Corden confirmed that he auditioned for Samwise for Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Even though, like Corden, he wasn’t interested in obtaining a part in the series, he wasn’t alone.

Everybody in London auditioned for Lord of the Rings, says Corden.

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Corden was the only one in his friends’ group to receive a special attention for that part. As he said, two of his other friends also got callbacks to audition for another two rounds of auditions. But that second round was the last where they heard any thing.

Perhaps the best way of showing their talents, most talked about playing James Corden in the last few years was as Bustopher Jones in the infamous Cats movie. He is currently the host of The Late Show with James Corden since 2015, but he’ll leave sometime in 2023.

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