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Jamie Lee Curtis is ready to star in The Love Show second season

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Although One Piece was about to start in the beginning, there was much buzz about it taking a moment to join the Netflix series. I didn’t know if there would be a second season at all and if it was well-priced to the audience. The actress is an anime long-time fan and is a friend of the Choppers voice actress, Brina Palencia.

Although she said she would like to play Robin in interviews, she knows that she isn’t a suited man for the role anymore, but she also discussed that playing Dr. Kureha openly. Chopper is her favourite character and it seems therefore quite logical to have this role. Since One Piece has been renewed for a second season, the actress did not fail to insist that she will compete for this role as soon as the strike of writers and filmmakers ends.

After the fight against greed is finally solved with a fair treaty, I will join the growing fan frenzy to become Kureha in One Piece, says Jamie on her social media page.

Some awe-conscious readers noticed that Matt Owens stressed not having to commit to anything, and they would discuss the role once everything was finally finished. Hence, it looks like Curtis could definitely be included in the cast if they can finally secure a film and television producer alliance that will pay everyone what they deserve. According to the producer of the series, the scripts are almost finished and this is the only obstacle that hinders them from starting filming.

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