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Japanese government announced a new Shin chan game for Switch

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Shin chan The Castle of Coal Town is being announced for Nintendo Switch in the Japanese Nintendo Direct, a sequel to My Summer with the Professor The Infinite Week. It has been said that it is not known yet if it will appear outside Japan.

The Japanese Nintendo Direct announced a new game of Shin chan. This means that it only has been confirmed for Japan at the moment, but, with the chance, it will also jump to the west, as happened in the previous.

According to Gematsu, this is named, from the Japanese translation of Japanese’s title, Shin chan: the Coal / the Land of the Coal / or the town of coal. And yes, the sequel to a chan of Crayon, a project from which we fell in love a few years ago.

This year’s launch in Japan is scheduled for the winter. Nothing is known about the launch in the rest of the world, but it would not be unreasonable.

What is the new Shin chan game for Nintendo Switch?

In this new game, Shin chan will become far behind the country town where he spent his vacation in the previous game. This city has a less dystopian steampunk feel: guards wearing masks and a tower where there seems to be a villain.

The game isn’t planned, but it will happen.

We don’t know if Shinnosuke is on vacation here (we assume otherwise he would have to be at school, so this game is very relaxing. You can play the mini-game, where you can admire every screen and listen to all the sounds, and sometimes participate in mini-games like wagon racing.

We hope Shin chan The Coal Town Castle will get the global release. The first game of Shin chan My summer with the teacher The infinite week It came out first in Japan in June 2021 and in the rest of the world in August 2022, for Switch and adding a computer version.

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