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Japanese Pokemon TCG: VSTAR Universe Preview: Palkia VSTAR Gold

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After several revealing leaks, Pokemon TCG Japan’s high-grade setVSTAR Universe was finally released. VSTAR Universe, available in Japan and offers Japanese products, was founded in the early 2023 English-language special set, in which the Sword and Sheld era was shortened for the Crown. Unlike other special set, VMAX Climax andShiny Star V,VSTAR Universe is not simply a reprint, but an entire list of chase cards is limited. Among these chase cards are what we initially thought were Art VSTARs, but which we can now reveal as a new card rarity entirely. Pokémon TCG Japan has revealed new Art Rares and Special Art Rares that are related to Character Rares and Alternate (or Special) Art. Art Rares are all-natural cards with texture which paint unique scenes with Pokemon. They are mostly Character Rares without Trainers present. So Special Art Rares take the same concept and add the V or VSTAR mechanic. This set also includes special Art Trainers and, for the first time ever, Gold VSTARs. The Dragon Dragon is in the middle of the game, but that’ll never happen again, as it’s 2023 it’ll see the emergence of a Dragon’s era and the birth of a character named Posaka. Today, we’ll see the most stunning Gold-Alternative Art that was on the set today.

VSTAR Universe cards. A tip: Pokemon TCG

This is another card from the linked set of AKIRA-EGAWA-illustrated Gold Secret Rares, which displays the ancient legends of Sinnoh/Hisui. These cards include Arceus, Origin Forme Dialga, Origin Forme Palkia and Giratina. This one is Origin Forme Palkia.

The Origin Forme Palkia was a design that had initially seemed like a horse. The top half of Palkia’s had been mixed and it doesn’t seem to be so complex, but in this illustration, AKIRA EGAWA manages to make that concept into a Lovecraftian horror. With intense realism, he turns Origin Forme Palkia into a fearsome, ancient Legendary that fits into the Pokemon-world and is essentially a Hellraiser.

Japanese sets often give us early thought about what can be in English-language sets, so keep a watch of our coverage. Keep tuned to the latest updates of VSTAR Universe cards and everything Pokemon TCG in Bleeding Cool.

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